About This Project

Published April 23, 2023 — Last update: May 25, 2023

Racial Data Lab

The Racial Data Lab includes data scientists, lawyers, scholars, and organizers who work together with community partners to investigate racist problems and propose antiracist solutions. We feature our work on an interactive website for use by advocates, journalists, scholars, policymakers, and all who are working for antiracist social change.

The criteria that guide the Racial Data Lab’s investigations include:

  1. Relationship to racism.We focus on issues involving the exclusion and subordination of people of color.
  2. Community-identified need.We aim to work in partnership with communities that are most impacted by the racist policies that we are trying to change. Accordingly, we prioritize research and policy analysis that community partners have identified as central to their work.
  3. Expertise.We believe that people most impacted by racist policies hold critical knowledge and insights about antiracist solutions. We also recognize that antiracist scholars and researchers bring important perspectives to organizing and policy work. We believe in building powerful collaborations between experts who contribute to our projects.
  4. Potentially Transformative.We focus on issues that have the potential for transformative social change. We aim to address the root causes of racism rather than its symptoms

The Racial Data Lab included multiple projects that spanned the work of the Center for Antiracist Research.

Founding Team Members

Ahyoung Cho
Data Science Intern, Racial Data Tracker
Caitlin Glass
Policy Program Director
Cecilia Vu
Data Scientist, Racial Data Tracker
Derick Magnusen
Lead Developer, Racial Data Tracker
Elaine Nsoesie
Faculty Lead, Racial Data Tracker
Grace Gamez
Assistant Director of Advocacy
Jessica McKnight
Communication & Marketing Manager, CAR
Leanne Villareal
Research Coordinator, Racial Data Tracker
Neda Khoshkhoo
Associate Director of Policy
Nina Cesare
Project Director, Racial Data Tracker
Nomi Sofer
Associate Director of Policy
Wei Huang
Design Intern, Racial Data Tracker
Yukun Yang
Data Scientist, Racial Data Tracker